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Who are we?

Quest for quality

We look for anything that tickles our fancy, from bracelets all the way to jackets.

The tailoring, the quality and the details are what we assess to thoroughly select unique articles.

This allows us to offer the best of both well-known and more obscure brands.

The tailoring, the quality and the details are what we assess to thoroughly select unique articles.

“ I don’t want to wear what people have, I want to wear what people DON’T have”

The value of holes

The wear and tear

Holes and imperfections enhance your wardrobe!

Hundreds of brands tear, stain and batter their items on purpose to follow fashion. whereas our clothes have flaws due to usage and each one of them has a story to tell.

Each flaw is unique and makes each piece unique as well.

Bring out your individuality and turn flaws into your strong suit.

Seeking the vintage

Our story

In the 70’s the way of dressing mirrored a person’s character more than ever, so a need for an elegant style in every situation emerged.

Our passion begins here. Selling clothing at an affordable price, let people get out of poverty, though for a short time, offering something unique and valuable.

As time has passed, what has made us stand out of the crowd has been acknowledging the value of an item where most only saw old clothes.

Those who didn’t believe in vintage clothing changed their minds, while those who have always believed in it have been cultivating our same idea and passion, providing inspiration and building a culture.

Our goal is to spread our style enhancing all our clients’ wardrobes, introduce the best items and reward those who believe in us, as we’ve been doing for all these years.



We thoroughly select our articles to only give you the best.


Depending on material and conditions, we choose the best washing and sanitisation options.


We sell our pieces with passion, valuing their story and origins. We improve your style offering our expertise and vision.

Do you know what you wear?

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